Teaching Materials and School Facilities

Schools Facilities Improvement & Instructional Materials

Good education requires all the essential utilities it needs to serve its main purpose – teaching the children. UFI’s Instructional Materials Improvement Program and School Facilities and Classroom Furniture Improvement Program provide its adopted schools with the basic and updated facilities and instructional materials they deserve to enhance the learning standard in the school.

In regard to school facilities, UFI has been able to rehabilitate classrooms, roofs, ceilings and windows; magnetic chalkboards were also given for the easy placement of visual aids and comfortable writing; the restocking of armchairs and teacher’s table; audio visual facilities, projectors with screens and whiteboards. In addition, there is the renovation or enhancement of school playgrounds to balance academic and non-academic activities, and because playtime is a need for every child’s development.

Alternative Learning System (ALS)

UFI is extremely proud to be the provider of Alternative Learning System (ALS) materials to our adopted high schools. There are various types of ALS, and each adopted school has its own adaptation with variations that complement the school’s specific needs.

The ALS has different programs: the Accreditation and Equivalency Program (A&E), ALS Mobile Library, eSKWELA Project, Informal Education (InfED), and ‘Balik Paaralan Para Sa Out-of-School Adults’ (BP-OSA) are among the numerous types that are listed and implemented in different schools all over the country.

In response to the common needs for the ALS, as verbalized by the adopted high schools, UFI provides the modules, basic school supplies of the students, and desktop computers.

Other UFI Programs

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